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See our post: How Often Should Commercial Windows Be Cleaned?


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    What Factors Affect Commercial Window Cleaning Prices?

    Some of the main factors include, the number, type, location and frequency of cleaning. Other factors include; What equipment or additional skills may be required to gain access to the window; is it reachable by ladder? Will a lift be required-is there space and will the ground support a lift? Is access by descending from the roof practicable? Will staging be required. Are there safety provisions for access from the roof that meets current MI-OSHA requirements? Obstructions to access to the glass can also affect the price. In some areas the costs of barricading to provide vehicle or pedestrian safety can also add up. Frankly in many cases these other things end up costing more than the actual cleaning of the windows itself.

    What about Commercial Window Cleaning Cost per Square Foot Rates?

    There are times when the square footage of the glass to be cleaned is a factor in estimating; but it usually ends up being a relatively small factor; it takes about the same amount of time to clean a 10 sq ft. window or a 60 sq ft window. – cut-up windows (often ~1 sq foot) take the longest! More significant then the square footage of the glass is how it’s glazed, the mullion material and set back, the #1 & #4 surface coatings/characteristics, how we gain access to the window and what equipment is required, how long since it was last cleaned, what soils or materials may be on/in the glass surface and not the least; what the customer’s expectations are.

    How Much Does Glass Surface Restoration Cost?

    Glass that has been neglected, or otherwise has had long exposure to minerals such as commonly found in masonry run off, or in sprinkler water may require more than normal window cleaning or window washing to obtain acceptable results. Depending on the type of minerals deposited on the glass, how long they have been allowed to remain, and if its been long enough for the glass surface to corrode; the costs to restore can be from a few dollars per pane for a polish or basic acid treatment to a hundred dollars or more per pane for re-surfacing.