Commercial Window Cleaning for Central & Mid Michigan

East Lansing high atrium commercial office window cleaning
East Lansing High Lift interior atrium window cleaning


Various specialty equipment is often required to facilitate commercial window cleaning; such as this light weight 85 ft aerial lift that can fit through double doors to access atrium and other high glass from the inside and not damage the floor and flooring. Sometimes we feel like some Architects lie awake nights dreaming up beautiful windows that can’t be cleaned; and it is our job to safely clean them.

Commercial and High Rise belt window cleaning Lansing and Mid Michigan
Great Lakes Window Cleaning Belt Access Window Cleaning on Historic Building


Certain historic office buildings require unique safety equipment to perform the job. We are trained, certified, equipped and experienced in the performance of Belt Window Cleaning on commercial buildings, in accordance MIOSHA and the ANSI IWCA I-14 Window Cleaning Standard.

Michigan high rise office building window cleaning
Lupe Mena, Great Lakes High Rise Window Cleaning Specialist


One of the safest and most versatile pieces of equipment are controlled descent devices. Compared with a portable swing stage; controlled descent procedures offer numerous safety and cost saving advantages when in the hands of properly trained and experienced technicians.

Lansing MI High Rise Swing Commercial Window Cleaning
Portable Swing Stage High Rise Window Cleaning, Lansing, MI


Sometimes Commercial Window Cleaning calls for heavier equipment such as our portable swing stage.. Our team has successfully completed the Scaffold and Access Industry Association’s Safety Training for Suspended Scaffolding Program. Our equipment, training and experience protects you and your building as well as our window cleaning technicians.

Lansing & Okemos Advanced Pure Water & WaterFed Pole Window Cleaning
Great Lakes Window Cleaning Advanced Pure Water Technology and Water Fed Pole Work up to 5 Stories


Great Lakes Window Cleaning was the first to bring pure water & waterfed pole technology to Michigan in the 1990’s. This technology uses ultra purified water, in combination with specially designed brushes and high-modulus carbon fiber poles to offer spot-free cleaning of glass and sills. In suitable situations this method provides extraordinary results while moderating the need and risks of ladders, etc.

Commercial Window Cleaning Lansing, MI
Commercial Window Cleaning Lansing, MI


Ladders are still used every day by our commercial window cleaning companies. Each ladder we use is equipped with ladder levelers to use on uneven ground or on stairs. Safety is always our concern. We have specialty ladders including the traditional window cleaning sectional ladders to provide whatever solution is best to access the window to clean it in the best, safest and most efficient manner. All of our technicians receive both written and hands on safety training on the safe use of ladders.

Any Window Any Where

We are up for the challenge of cleaning any window, anywhere in any season. We are only limited by our creativity and imagination and of course OSHA regulations and the I-14 ANSI IWCA Window Cleaning Safety Standard. So if it can be done safely and creatively we are on it. We network with leading commercial window cleaning companies all over the United States to find the most safe and cost effective solutions to all of your facility’s window cleaning requirements. The sky is the limit.

Lansing Office Building Window Cleaning

Commercial and High-Rise Window Cleaning Service

Our Commercial and HighRise window cleaning Service is available in Lansing, Jackson, Flint, Saginaw, Midland Mt. Pleasant, Ann Arbor and throughout Michigan. We are competitively priced yet offer a superior working relationship. Our technicians work courteously, neatly and with respect for their surroundings and your tenants. Our goal is not only for you to enjoy the cleanest most sparkling windows but also to be grief-free and to have little disturbance to your day.

WINDOW CLEANING SAFETY: We are fully insured and carry a $1,000,000 Liability Policy. Each technician is bonded and covered by worker’s compensation. We never use “pseudo employees” labeling them as subcontractors to avoid paying workman’s compensation or other insurance. Each member of our highrise commercial window cleaning team has over 10 years experience.

Starting in 1989 as founding members and directors of the International Window Cleaning Association Great Lakes Window Cleaning has participated in promoting safe working standards. We support and adhere to the ANSI/IWCA I-14 the industry standard for safe window cleaning and the updated (2018) MIOSHA safety regulations.

Are we competitively priced? Yes. We are competitively priced, but we never try to be the cheapest. You may have heard the expression; “you can have service, quality or price; pick two“. Certainly, with window cleaning companies, “cheap can be expensive.” You don’t want the publicity of your building on the front page of the newspaper with a tragic window cleaning accident. We are efficient, but never too quick to forget to do it safe. Although working safe is sometimes time consuming and expensive, we would rather be slightly more expensive then skip steps and take risks.

Rest assured and sleep well at night knowing you hired Great Lakes Window Cleaning

  • Aerial Lift
  • Rope work
  • Stage work
  • Belt work for Historic Buildings
  • Various Types of Safe Roof Rigging
  • High Bulb Replacement
  • Ultra Pure Water Technology – spot free & earth friendly
  • Commercial Gutter Cleaning Service Available

Office Park & Office Commercial Window Cleaning

We are trained, equipped and experienced to provide commercial window cleaning service to the leading property management companies and building owners. Our technicians are experienced working in professional office environments and can be counted on to quietly and unobtrusively take care of your tenant’s window cleaning needs with little disturbance to their business.

Commercial and High Rise Window Cleaning Service Photos

Storefront and High Frequency Commercial Window Cleaning

Storefront, Retail and Restaurant Window Cleaning Service

First impressions are the longest lasting: wouldn’t you agree?  What impression are your customers getting from the condition of your windows? (or from the appearance and behavior of your window cleaners?) More often than not a customer will form an opinion regarding what they can expect in your store before they even enter the door. Retail business owners often spend a great deal of time designing their storefront to project an image that attracts business; Are your windows attracting?

retail commercial window cleaning service areas
Retail and Small Office or Commercial Window Cleaning Service Areas

It is our goal to set a schedule for you that keeps your business looking fresh, clean and inviting! If you have a business for which a clean image is critical (restaurants, medical, financial professional, etc) we have programs to keep your windows looking clean BEFORE your image has a chance to be negatively impacted.

Our retail and commercial window cleaning schedules are computer routed and kept like clockwork. You can count on us to be there summer and winter, rain, snow or shine!

Why does Mid-Michigan choose Great Lakes Window Cleaning to clean Millions of windows annually?

  • RELIABLE – For over 35 years, 52 weeks a year we have been cleaning windows on time and on schedule. Our computer scheduling works like clockwork to give you constant, reliable service 12-months a year. Take window cleaning off your to-do list. One call = Always clean windows!
  • PROFESSIONAL AND COURTEOUS – Our window cleaning technicians are long term employees who take pride in their work and care about their valued customers and our customer’s customers.
  • EFFICIENT AND HELPFUL OFFICE STAFF – We have a strong office support staff; a real person to talk to if you have an emergency cleaning, want an estimate or have a question about your bill.
Commercial Office Window Cleaning Service
Barry Pearson Commercial Service Coordinator
High Rise Window Cleaning Service Coordinator
Lupe Mena – High Rise Service Coordinator
Damon Atlee Window Cleaning Human Resources
Damon Atlee, HR, AP, Facilities

  • LIABILITY INSURANCE – We hope you never need it, but you have the security of our $1,000,000 liability policy.

WORKMAN’S COMPENSATION – All employees are covered by Workers Compensation Insurance. WARNING: Only employees are eligible for workers compensation. One or two man small unincorporated companies are not eligible. You and your company may be exposed to lawsuits due to injury on the job. Also BEWARE: some “insured” companies may “sub-contract” to uninsured Employees, a practice we feel is unethical and likely illegal.

Common Questions and Answers Regarding Commercial Window Cleaning

How is Great Lakes Window Cleaning Different?

It’s our Processes and Our People that make all the difference; if you take a look at our window cleaners, you will notice we have responsible & experienced adults working with us.
We don’t hire high-school kids or seasonal help to clean your windows; on average our window cleaning technicians have over 10 years window cleaning experience (many 15-20+ years) and are clean cut, drug and smoke free, professional Window Cleaners, accustomed to working in many of the area’s premier homes and offices.
It takes over a year for us to consider a window cleaning technician trained, even more so for a residential window cleaner; so temporary – seasonal help is out of the question.
For more information see our fact sheet: How is Great Lakes Window Cleaning Different

How Often Should Commercial Windows Be Cleaned?

Recommended Commercial Window Cleaning Frequencies;
Restaurants / Food Service; Interior and exterior surfaces, often at least once a week.
Retail Establishments; Exterior surfaces and interior of doors, every two to four weeks.
Interior surfaces as needed.
Medical Facilities, Financial Institutions;
High traffic areas weekly.
Ground floor and pedestrian areas monthly.
High rise surfaces two to four times a year.
Professional Office Buildings; High visibility / traffic areas every week or two.
Exterior surfaces four to six times a year.
Interior surfaces twice a year.
See more information and citations in our post: How Often Should Commercial Windows Be Cleaned?

What Should I Consider When Hiring A Commercial Window Cleaning Service?

1. For Your Protection; require all of your service contractors to provide you with a Certificate of Liability and Worker’s Compensation Insurance. And beware of companies that use sub-contracts to hire workers excluded from their insurance coverage.
2. Check References; Actually call any references supplied. We have found companies listing references that had canceled or never used the service that was providing the reference! Ask what is the behavior and appearance of their workers, do they complete the work in a timely fashion, and do they take care of any issues that can arrive promptly?
3. Are They Safe; What’s their attitude and culture regarding safety? Are they willing and able to spend the time and money required to train and then operate safely and in compliance with Industry and MI-OSHA standards? Operating safely takes time and equipment – difficult to do if the focus is on bidding at the lowest rate to get the job.
4. Do They Provide a Physical Address; nothing says “fly-by-night” like a contractor that avoids giving any local physical addresses in their marketing… it pays to verify they have a real and local address.
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