Don’t Ignore Your Eavestroughs!

While eavestrough / gutter clean out is something many of us would like to ignore, gutter cleaning is an important twice-a-year ritual almost all homeowners need to adopt. When clogged eavestroughs overflow, they can cause winter ice dams on the roof that may allow water inside your home. Gutters can also get so heavy that they’ll pull loose and rot the trim and siding. Even if your gutter doesn’t overflow, leaving any decaying debris in there is an invitation to mosquitoes, carpenter ants and other insects. If you have a lot of trees around your house, you might want to clean your gutters even more often.

Say Good-Bye
to the
disgusting and dangerous job
of cleaning out your gutters
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Be Assured: We will NOT try to sell you new gutters or gutter covers

About our Okemos Eavestrough Cleaning Service

Great Lakes Window Cleaning provides Okemos Gutter Cleaning and Eavestrough Clean Out Service as a LOCAL family-owned business, not a franchise – while franchise operations tend to have great looking, flashy marketing materials; Our marketing materials, website and photos are of our actual employees who live right here in the Okemos area; the very same people that will come to your home or business.  We have been dedicated to our local customers and their satisfaction right here in the greater Okemos & Haslett area for over 39 years. 

Our People is the reason our clients feel we are the BEST  gutter cleaning service in Okemos and Haslett areas.  Just check out some of our reviews.

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We’ve been cleaning home, office and business eavestrough / gutters in Okemos and Haslett  for over 39 years.  Give us a call to learn why we so many Okemos Home Owners feel Great Lakes’ Gutter Cleaning Service is their best choice year after year to keep their Eavestroughs /Gutters and Downspouts flowing!

Photos and Information regarding our Technicians providing Gutter Cleaning service in Okemos can be found HERE -About Us