How Often Should Commercial Windows Be Cleaned?

Michigan Commercial Window Cleaning

Regarding Commercial, Retail, Office, Medical and High Rise Window Cleaning Scheduling

There are three main considerations when scheduling window washing frequency; aesthetic appeal / image and prevention of glass surface damage.

  • Location
    Height above ground, street/sidewalk proximity, vehicle and pedestrian traffic all are significant factors affecting effective window cleaning frequency. Landscaping, sprinkler systems and building architecture also all play a role.
  • Environment
    External impacts such as exposure to wind and rain and the intensity thereof, the amount and composition of airborne particulates and organic vapors are all significant factors; in addition building design and facade materials also effect the glass and can cause glass surface damage that may be very expensive to remediate if not properly maintained.[1]
  • Image
    Now more than ever people will form an impression of the establishment they are entering even before even opening the door.  Crisp, Bright and Clean windows send a message to Customers, Clients and Employees and answer unspoken questions in their minds.  Such appearance considerations are particularly a factor when a presentation of cleanliness and/or financial stability and trustworthiness are desired such as in Restaurants, Health Care Facilities, Insurance/Financial Institutions and Professional Offices.
  • Budget
    If a constrained budget is an issue; Neglect may be far more expensive mid-long term, than appropriate maintenance[2] It may be possible to design a glass maintenance program which addresses all of these concerns and considers your budget.  Please call Great Lakes Window Cleaning, Inc. (517-482-4040) for a consultation.

Recommended Window Cleaning Frequencies;

  • Restaurants / Food Service;
    • Interior and exterior surfaces, often at least once a week
  • Retail Establishments;
    • Exterior surfaces and interior of doors, every two to four weeks
    • Interior surfaces as needed.
  • Medical Facilities, Financial Institutions;
    • High traffic areas weekly
    • Ground floor and pedestrian areas monthly
    • High rise surfaces two to four times a year.
  • Professional Office Buildings;
    • High visibility / traffic areas every week or two
    • Exterior surfaces four to six times a year[3]
    • Interior surfaces twice a year.

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